wedding photography by beach box

Why have a professional wedding photographer?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture one of the most important days in your life is a wise choice! As an experienced photographer I have dealt with a lot of situations such as weather issues, last minute hitches etc.

It also means that I know how the day will run, when Mum is going to cry and all those moments to capture which require a ‘fly on the wall’ approach!

Kim shooting on the beach

Many people have friends who are good with a camera but you can never really enjoy a wedding as a guest when you are working.

Someone will talk to you just when you need to be capturing the cute flower girl rolling in the mud or the groomsmen having a joke, there is so much going on at a wedding that you can’t take your eyes off the action for a moment!

Kim shooting another wedding!

This means that you and your guests can enjoy this wonderful occasion knowing that a professional photographer, with wedding experience, is there capturing it all.

Capturing the day is only part of it, there is also the editing and processing of your images so that they look stunning when they are presented to you. Each image will have been colour corrected and presented in my studio style. Plus I will aim to have your pictures with you as soon as humanly possible!

As a full-time photographer I am fully dedicated to my business whether it be weddings, portraits, selling prints or commercial shoots.

I use two full SLR bodies, each with a different lens, to give a variety of images and also to have as a back-up! All images are safely stored off-site, current work in progress is also backed up and travels with me outside of the studio. These are all processes that a professional will have in place along with insurance and business registrations.

Mum getting a little emotional....
Children having fun!
A quiet moment

I am a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) which means my work has been accredited to a professional standard by my peers and I also adhere to their code of ethics.

Plus I recently have been very excited to win a number of awards in weddings and commercial categories at the AIPP State and National Awards!