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I’m a local photographer living in Mt Martha and I’ve been shooting weddings for the last 17 years both here in Victoria and my native UK.

Why Beach Box? I love our iconic beach boxes down on the beach which are colourful, fun and just remind you of lazy summer days. I would like to say one was my outdoor office but we can all dream! I do use the beach as my thinking place and have a break away from the computer with a coffee.

Beach Box Photography - Kim Hearn

I’ve always loved the beach even though growing up that was a pebble beach back in Brighton in the UK! Since then I’ve been fortunate to visit a few stunning beaches over the years and am slowly working my way around the Australian ones!

I’ve been creating art with a camera for many years now and have had many travel and landscape images published throughout the years. I’ve also worked in a photographic archive and opening each dusty box of glass plate negatives revealed a time gone by. Capturing those moments in time which live on which is why it’s so important to record each of life’s precious milestones.

So apart from my love of the beach and a really good wave, I adore my two very fluffy cats and my husband who is also a photographer, videographer and tech guru. I have a passion for chocolate, coffee and shoes and taking photos!

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